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CSS Compressor and Minifier is the best tool for compressing or minifying your CSS files online. It gives you the maximum number of configuration options for compressing your CSS files. Below is the detailed description of what these options actually mean.

Zero Fix Replaces 00px,01px,02px... with 0px,1px,2px.... Replaces 0(px,em,%,in,cm,mm,pc,pt,ex) with 0 Replaces :0 0 0 0; with :0; Replaces 'background-position:0;' with 'background-position:0 0;' same for transform-origin too
Compress Float Values Replaces 0.5 to .5, but only when preceded by : or a white-space
Compress Font-Weight Replaces normal & bold to 400 and 700 respectively
Compress RGB Colors to Hex Shortens colors from rgb(51,102,153) to #336699. This makes it more likely to get further compressed as again Hex colors
of the type #AABBCC and #FFFFFF are compressed to #ABC and #FFFFFF respectively
Compress Font-Color Hex Colors of the type #AABBCC and #FFFFFF are compressed to #ABC and #FFF respectively It also checks for id selectors with such patterns and preserves them as such Considering filter break in IE, it does not compress color in filter properties, for example in 'filter: chroma(color="#FFFFFF");' the #FFFFFF does not change to #FFF
Sort Properties Sorts border-radius property, as standard property 'border-radius' should come after vendor-prefixed property '-webkit-border-radius' and '-moz-border-radius' Sorts box-shadow property, as standard property 'box-shadow' should come after vendor-prefixed property '-webkit-box-shadow' and '-moz-box-shadow'
Minify "none" values Compresses 'none' values in border,border-top,border-right,border-bottom,border-right,outline,background to '0'
Minify Repetitive Pixels Replaces '2px 2px 2px 2px' with a single '2px' It also takes care of decimals in values such as '2.2%'
Minify Alpha Opacity Minifies Alpha Opacity property used for IE browsers
Remove Extra Semi-Colons Replaces multiple semi-colons in a row by a single one Removes last semi-colon in a block
Remove Empty Blocks Removes empty blocks entirely for example '.classname{}' or '#idselector{}'
Indentation Level Full - Makes your CSS perfectly readable and clear. Adds newlines and spaces before each rule to make your CSS look good, but however compromises size Some - Less readable than above. Just adds a newline after each and every css block No - Highest Compression is achieved. No spaces or newlines in between css blocks
Comments Compression Level Standard - Unnecessary symbols and spaces in comments will be minimized. No comments will be removed. (Low Compression) High - Default option (Highest Compression)
  • Comments will be entirely removed
  • Preserves empty comment after '>'
  • Preserves empty comment between property and value

+ Point Our tool has been designed considering all browsers till date(including IE5 and below) as well as all upcoming browsers in future. It also takes care of the 'Box Model Hack', thanks to YUI Compressor. Developed by Ram Swaroop. For any queries, don't forget to drop a mail at ram@compzets.com

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