'WebApps' - abbreviation for Web Applications which refers to applications accessed by users over a network. These are computer software application coded in browser supported programming languages that doesn't require installation and can be directly used via browser because of which they are gaining high popularity nowadays.

Just a Introduction

Below are some of the interesting features.

Use from Cloud

All applications are installed on cloud. No need to install anything on your computer. You just use it. Use them absolutely FREE of cost for unlimited time. Just need an internet connection to access them.

Built with Responsive CSS

This is made to not only look and behave great in the desktop browsers but also in tablet and smartphone browsers. Responsive CSS makes it suitable for every device. Use your favorite apps from your pc, mobile or tablets.

No Copyrights, No Piracy

With WebApps, you don't have to install all those highly paid software on your system to get your work done. Just open your browser and click on the required app and use it. No trials, no piracy issues, no copyright issues etc.

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